Anti-corrosive Admixture

About Anti-corrosive Admixture

A new admixture increasing the density of cement-base composites and hence preventing the penetration of chloride ions is developed and investigated. The new admixture is the combination of traditional mineral admixture and steel bar inhibitor. The composition of the admixture is optimized using water absorption tests. Then the effect of the new admixture on the workability of freshly mixed cement paste as well as the pore structure and SEM analysis of hardened cement paste is experimentally investigated. The results show that the new admixture is effective to increase the density of cement-based materials.  a waterproof admixture composition for concrete which is added to fabricate concrete having excellent anti-corrosive performance. The waterproof admixture composition can protect reinforcing steel bars against oxidation in the presence of salt, thereby ensuring excellent anti-corrosive performance and thus greatly improving the durability of reinforced concrete even in salt-damaged areas and corrosive environments and the like by inhibiting the corrosion of the reinforced concrete. The waterproof admixture composition comprises fly ash and silica fume as artificial pozzolan activators, a redispersible powders resin, a higher fatty acid-based metal salt and a high performance water-reducing agent wherein the composition further comprises 18 to 34% by weight of an inorganic salt and 1 to 5% by weight of tannin as an antioxidant, based on the total weight of the composition.

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