BP-TekniFloor Plus

BP-TekniFloor Plus is a pre-mixed, non-rusting floor hardener used to form monolithic hardened concrete floors. It provides a superior abrasion resistant surface and inhibits dust formation.

Application Area

✓ Mechanical workshops.
✓ Industrial Floors & warehouses.
✓ Aircraft hangars.
✓ Basements and cellars.
✓ Garage for light vehicles.
✓ Storage rooms.
✓ Corridors and halls.
✓ Parking areas.
✓ Loading platforms.


✓ Fast and efficient
✓ Excellent abrasion and slip resistance
✓ Forms a monolithic bond with concrete
✓ Resistant to oil and grease
✓ Does not rust
✓ Extremely strong, hard wearing, abrasion and impact resistant floor
✓ Forms dense non porous floor Non-staining, non-oxidizing and non-metallic

Application Guidelines

BP-TekniFloor Plus is applied as a dry compound onto the fresh concrete surface; the application is achieved by hand or mechanical application. Hand application is normally completed after the initial set and floating of the concrete. Mechanical application is commonly performed immediately after concrete placement, before the initial set of the concrete has taken place. Using a wooden float, work the material into the concrete ensuring that the material becomes an integral part of the surface. Broadcast the balance material, allow the material to absorb moisture and then float with a wooden float. When the surface is sufficiently firm enough to take the weight of power float, finish off by means of a power trowel. Extra care should be taken while applying the floor hardener at bay edges and joints. Using a raised trestle which spans the slab, the material is broadcast by hand onto the wet concrete surface.


BP-TekniFloor Plus is packed in 25kg moisture resistant bags.


Gray, Light Gray, Off-white, Green, Red, Yellow, Royal Yellow, etc.

Storage & Shelf-life

12 months from date of manufacture when stored under warehouse conditions in original unopened packing. Extreme temperature /humidity may reduce shelf life.

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