BP-ReCon GP is a ready to use single component polymer modified repair mortar containing fibres and silica fume which requires only the addition of clean water to produce a highly consistent, hand and spray grade, repair mortar suitable for most structural and load bearing repairs. It contains specially selected materials to provide a fine, smooth repaired surface.


✓ Non-shrink mortar
✓ Fibres help in reducing micro cracking of repaired surfaces
✓ User friendly, excellent workability
✓ Non-toxic and non-corrosive
✓ Extremely low permeability
✓ Excellent resistance to aggressive environmental elements
✓ Dense surface helps in resisting carbon dioxide penetration
✓ Excellent adhesion and mechanical strength
✓ Chloride free, safe to use in

Application Guidelines

BP-ReCon GP can be applied by hand or wet spray. It should be firmly placed to ensure proper bonding to the prepared surface. Wooden float or plastic float may be used for levelling and initial finishing. Final finish can be carried out just before the initial set of material using a steel trowel. Single layer application can be carried out to a maximum thickness of 40 mm. Thicker repairs may be achieved by working in layers.


BP-Recon GP is packed in 25kg moisture resistant bags.

Application Thickness

BP-Recon GP can be applied at a thickness of 5 mm up to 40 mm in a single layer.
✓ 5 mm to 40 mm in a single layer for horizontal surface
✓ 5 mm to 20 mm in a single layer for vertical surface
✓ 5 mm to 15 mm

Storage & Shelf-life

12 months from date of manufacture when stored under warehouse conditions in original unopened packing. Extreme temperature / humidity may reduce shelf life.

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