BP-ReCon 75LW

BP-ReCon 75LW is a ready to use one part light weight repair mortar, which is suitable for wet or dry application for a wide variety of repair applications. Provides excellent thermal compatibility to concrete, waterproof properties and long term durability.


BS: 6319 : Part 2, 6 & 7 : 83, BS: 6319 Part 7 : 85, BS: 6319, Part 3:85

Application Area

BP-ReCon 75LW is specifically designed for vertical and overhead repairs of all sizes where high build is required. Provides excellent durability & resistance to chloride & carbon-dioxide. It can also be used to repair honeycombs, surface defects, blowholes, tie rod holes and minor damages.


✓ High build in single application
✓ Excellent bond
✓ Contains shrinkage compensators
✓ Low permeability
✓ One part & prebagged
✓ Can be wet sprayed
✓ No formwork required
✓ Overhead & vertical repairs made easy
✓ Can be applied in sections up to 75 mm

Surface Preparation

Saw cut repair area to a depth at least 10 mm. to avoid feather edges. Break out repair area. Clean surface remove unsound concrete, dust, oil, paint, grease, algae, etc. The surface must be left clean & roughened. Steel should be cleaned to bright condition & primed using 2 coats of BP-Recon Zinc/ BP-NanoGrout SG.


BP-Recon GP is packed in 25kg moisture resistant bags.

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