BP-ReadyPlast is a single component polymer modified waterproofing premix plaster mortar. It is a water resistance monolithic plastering/repairing mortar with a ratio of well graded fillers, cement, polymers and chemical additives for applications in civil construction works which is convenient, easy to use and bonds stronger to its substrate. BP-ReadyPlast is also designed to provide smooth surfaces both internal and external plastering. It is also capable enough to protect the wall from external UV rays, saline, dampness, shocks, rain, humidity, etc.

Application Area

BP-ReadyPlast is used for all types plastering jobs such as external and internal walls, ceilings, columns and partitions plastering. BP-ReadyPlast is suitable for:
✓ All block masonry works
✓ Brick & Stone masonry works.
✓ Concrete surfaces.


BP-ReadyPlast provides the following beneficial properties:
✓ Suitable for external & internal plastering work.
✓ Ready to use, only addition of water is required at site.
✓ Better consistency
✓ Reduced shrinkage cracks
✓ High compressive strength
✓ Excellent water retention
✓ Low water permeability & enhanced durability
✓ Excellent coverage
✓ Uniform and smooth finish
✓ Save paints when painting
✓ Excellent adhesion & Easy to apply.

Design Criteria

For best results a mechanically powered mixer should be used to achieve a good consistency. The selected water content should be accurately measured and poured into the mixer. The total content of the bag should be slowly added and continuous mixing should take place for 5 minutes. Re-mix again about 2 mins before application.

Surface Preparation

loose particles, oil, grease, paint, and other such contamination which may affect the bonding. Cleaning can be carried out by suitable methods like wire brush, water jetting, mopping etc. If the surface is porous and absorbent substrate, it should be moistened with potable water.

Application Guidelines

BP-ReadyPlast is a ready-to-use, only addition of water is required at site. Apply the mixed plaster uniformly on the substrate using a steel trowel. The plaster can then be levelled to a desired finish using masonry tools like straight edge and masonry bob. Different finish can be achieved using steel trowel, wooden fl oat or sponge as per finish required.


25 Kg Bag.

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