BP-MegaFlow SP103

BP-MegaFlow SP103 is a very effective, high range water reducing, accelerating superplasticiser and an
extremely powerful de-flocculating agent. It is based on polymeric sulphonate napthalene. BP-MegaFlow
SP103 products have unique water-reducing properties and allow the development of fluid mixes with low permeability performance. Lower permeability minimizes water absorption and chloride ingress. The result is a more durable structure with increased service life.


ASTM C494, Type A, E and F, BSEN 934-2

Application Area

Uses include to produce high slump concrete for the precast industries and other types of concrete elements like beams, columns, slabs etc. BPMegaFlow SP103 is to be used where substantial water reductions are required to provide high early and ultimate strengths i.e. precast factories, prestressed concrete bridges, shotcreting, etc.


✓ Water reduction more than 30%.
✓ Increased production speed at precast yards.
✓ Quick hardening of concrete in initial stages.
✓ Steam curing can be avoided.
✓ Extremely useful for concrete in cold climate.
✓ Increases durability by reducing permeability.
✓ Improved waterborne salt resistance.
✓ Chloride free and safe for use


BP-MegaFlow SP103 can be used with all types of cements and cementitious materials like fly ash, GGBS, micro silica, etc. BP-egaFlow SP103 should not be premixed with other admixtures.


Recommended dosage is 0.5 – 2% by weight of cementitious material. Higher dosage can be used after verification by conducting lab and site trials. Optimum dosage of BP-MegaFlow SP103 and effect on concrete properties such as workability, trength, setting time, etc. are best assessed after preliminary tests on site using the actual materials of mixes under consideration. verdosing may result in higher workability and fast setting. If intentionally or Effect of overdosing accidentally increased above the recommended limit, ensure that the stripping time of formwork is extended accordingly.

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