BP-MegaAdd WL1

BP-MegaAdd WL1 is integral waterproofing admixture in brown liquid form which is evenly waterproofing compound composed of surface active plasticizing agents, polymers & additives. It is used as an additive for cement concrete, mortar & plasters. It makes concrete cohesive and minimizes segregation and bleeding. BP-MegaAdd WL1 waterproofs by improving the quality of the concrete or mortar. It reduces the water demand for required workability of concrete.


IS 9103 & IS 2645

Application Area

BP-MegaAdd WL1 may be used to waterproof concrete structures such as reservoirs, tunnels, culverts, water tanks, swimming pools and other areas where waterproofed concrete or mortar or plaster is required.


✓ Reduces permeability
✓ Improves workability
✓ Improves durability by improving waterproofing of concrete.
✓ Compatible with all types of cements
✓ Makes concrete more cohesive, hence protects steel better against corrosion
✓ Reduces shrinkage
✓ Non toxic


BP-MegaAdd WL1 can be used with all types of cements and cementitious material like fly ash, GGBS, micro silica etc. It is compatible with most admixtures.


Recommended dosage is 0.3 – 1.0% by weight of cementitious material. Higher dosage can be used after verification by conducting lab and site trials. Optimum dosage of BP-MegaAdd WL1 and effect on concrete properties such as workability, strength, setting time, etc. are best assessed after preliminary tests on site using the actual materials of mixes under consideration.

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