About Us

We are the leading manufacturer and service provider in the industry

Conpacmmix (BD) Ltd. is a leading manufacturer and supplier of high-performance chemicals for the construction industry, with a particular focus on constructional-related chemical products and materials. This company is founded by a group of professionals from the relevant industry with rich experience and international exposure. Our goal is to bring complete solutions to construction-related problems that can be solved using construction chemicals with technical teams which are truly for a sound and healthy environment. Its production facility is currently in Bangladesh in collaboration with German Technology. The manufacturing procedure meets the specifications of International Standards including German-based manufacturing facilities.

Wide Range of Products

Provides high-performance chemicals for the construction industry, addressing challenges and providing comprehensive solutions.

Professionals and Global Perspective

Established by industry professionals, our team specializes in construction, offering comprehensive solutions for construction-related issues.

Collaboration with German Technology

Bangladesh production facility collaborates with German Technology, adhering to international standards and sustainable practices..

Conpacmmix (BD) Ltd. looks forward to working with you, listening, learning, and giving back to our work and our Technical Supervision by highly experienced qualified supervisor’s incorporation with your technical team members.

Advanced Production Facility and Quality Assurance

Conpacmmix acquired German technology for its production facility, ensuring cutting-edge manufacturing processes and quality assessments in a state-of-the-art laboratory.

Innovative R&D

R&D support team develops innovative solutions for construction challenges, offering advanced chemical solutions tailored to industry needs.

Comprehensive Product Range and Technical Support

Company offers eco-friendly construction chemicals, tailored products, and technical support for successful project outcomes..

Conpacmmix (BD) Ltd. is a company that produces premix plasters and construction chemical solutions. Conpacmmix (BD) Ltd. acquired German technology for an updated production facility and set up a state-of-the-art laboratory facility for conducting regular quality assessments on raw materials procured and finished products. Processes from procurement of raw materials to finished products, are managed by qualified and experienced engineers, chemists, and technicians. Also, our R& D support team helps you find innovative solutions for various issues related to construction. All of our products are environmentally friendly and meet international standards. We have an exclusive technical team-to support our associates on product selection, mix designs, troubleshooting, and on-site trials. Our product range includes cement plasters/renders, admixtures, waterproofing products, gypsum lime plasters, decorative plasters, acoustic & insulation plasters, tile adhesives & grouts, surface treatment/repair & specialized mortars, and acrylic plasters/coatings. Conpacmmix (BD) Ltd. also offers tailor-made special products to meet specific project requirements.

The message of the Management

Conpacmix (BD) Ltd. Since 2010, we have experienced a very enjoyable and successful process with the efforts of our employees and the support of our customers. In this process, we spent all our effort and energy to ensure customer satisfaction and adopted a customer-centered management approach. We owe this development we have achieved since our establishment to this philosophy. We always put quality first. We have never entered into the understanding of competition based only on price. We have officially documented this understanding by obtaining our ISO 9001 certification, Fire certification, Environment certification, Bangladesh Govt. recognition, and BSTI certification.

Our goal of being a company operating on a global standard has been our main motivation.

In this direction, we opened our factory with a closed area of ​​10000 sft in 2020, and we had the opportunity to offer faster and more economical products to our customers in this country.

We have introduced many new products whose R&D has been going on for a long time. We attended fairs and gave seminars. We did all of this because of the trust we have in Bangladesh’s future and our customers.

Mission Vision

Our mission is to be an international standard company, preferred for its material reliability, product variety, service quality, and price, while providing the highest possible quality professional service to our respective current and prospective customers and users, is to create a work environment where creativity, respect, security, and personal development are adopted.

Our Vision

  • To provide innovative and unique products and the best service
  • To ensure full customer satisfaction by improving our products and services,
  • To ensure continuous improvement in our costs and efficiency in order to increase our competitiveness,
  • Increasing the market by reaching new users in the target regions and markets in the Construction Chemicals sectors,
  • To support and develop flexible teamwork that can meet the needs in line with the changing economic conditions,
  • To be one of the leading companies in our country and in the world in the production of Construction Chemicals.
  • Leading industry in sustainable practices, environmental responsibility, eco-friendly chemicals, energy efficiency.

Quality Policy

  • Conpacmix (BD) Ltd. focuses on sustainable, innovative products and services.
  • To fulfill the needs of the construction sector at the highest level in its products.
  • Understanding customer requirements and ensuring customer satisfaction by meeting these requirements.
  • To observe the interests of the companies and institutions it serves.
  • Keeping open to continuous improvement by modern technology and innovations closely.
  • Ensuring the most effective participation by giving responsibility.
  • To take all measures to ensure the safety of employees.
  • Conpacmix (BD) Ltd. offers continuous employee training and quality policy improvements.

Why Choose Conpacmix

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Acquired German technology for an updated production facility.

Committed to providing innovative and sustainable products, services, and solutions to meet our customers’ requirements.

Qualified and experienced engineers, chemists, and technicians.

Tailor-made special products to meet specific project requirements.

Exclusive technical team to support our respected users.

Regular quality assessments on materials procured and finished products.

Trust and Worth

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